Summer HVAC Maintenance Tips

It’s air conditioning season at the Jersey Shore, especially here in Ocean City! But before you start continuously running your HVAC System, here are some helpful tips to keep your home cool and avoid costly, emergency repairs.

Replace or clean the air filter.
A clean air filter allows the air to flow evenly throughout your home and prevents your unit from overworking. Even for second homeowners, you should always at least check your air filter, especially if your HVAC system is going to be running a lot.

Tidy up the outdoor unit.
Give your outdoor unit a good clean up! Clear away dirt and debris from the top, and trim down any shrubbery and grass growing up around it.

Seal leaky spaces.
Check your doors and windows to see if there are any places where cool air could be escaping. Also don’t forget about your air ducts. Inadequate insulation around doors, windows, up in the attic and around air ducts will make your unit work much harder to cool down your home.

Upgrade your thermostat.
Ditch the old-school “on and off” thermostat! Installing a programable thermostat can help reduce your energy bill. Smart thermostats are able to regulate your home’s air through apps and set schedules, among many other features.

Schedule HVAC maintenance.
There are several advantages to having your HVAC Unit tuned up an expert. A professional is able to disassemble your unit and check all the inner components, like the drain and condenser fan for example.

To see out our service contract and the our full HVAC maintenance checklist, click here. Also, depending on the renewal package that works for you, we here at Lenegan Plumbing & Heating LLC offer ways to save money in the long run, too.

If you have any questions about your HVAC Unit, ways to lower your energy bill, or to schedule an HVAC tune-up give us a call at (609) 399-1200

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