How to Prevent Clogs this Holiday Season

The holidays can be a stressful time of year, and that also means extra strain on your plumbing. Lenegan Plumbing offers a drain cleaning service, but before calling in the professionals you can take some extra precautions to ensure a stress-free holiday. So, to keep water free-flowing here are some helpful plumbing tips to keep in mind this busy time of year.


1. Clogged Toilets
The most dreaded problem of them all- and often times embarrassing. To avoid your toilet from getting clogged during the holidays its best to keep a plunger handy and make sure you have a trash bin nearby so that guests can dispose baby wipes, tissues, and sanity napkins properly.


2. Clogged Skins
In many homes during the holidays, the kitchen is one of the most utilized areas in the house- especially your sink! To keep your sink clog-free avoid draining oils and greases down your drain. Instead of pouring fatty substances can solidify in your pipes, so instead let oils or grease cool and wipe it away with a paper towel. To be extra precautious you can also use a strainer in your sink to help catch larger items.


Cleaning tip: Pour vinegar down plumbing fixtures to remove and build up.


3. Clogged Garbage Disposal
Garbage disposals are really helpful tools in the kitchen, but here are a few things to keep in mind. Remember that garbage disposals can only handle a certain amount of food at once, and to cut larder items into smaller pieces. Never out bones, celery, poultry skin, or other fibrous scraps in the disposal. Always run cool water before, during, and after grinding to flush the disposal out.


Cleaning tip: Grinding citrus peels can rid your garbage disposal of bad orders.


These tips should be able to help you avoid a plumbing problem this holiday season. Now let’s hope the only unexpected visitor you have this year is the Big Man in Red, and not your local plumber from Ocean City.


However in case of an emergency we’ll be there to help! Lenegan Plumbing has a 24-hour emergency service. Just give us a call (609) 399-1200
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